Common Concerns

Common workplace concerns include respect and civility, work style differences, excessive stress, job/role clarity, general climate, management skills, and performance issues.  For example, an employee may bring issues to the Staff Ombuds Office when the employee:

  • Feels they have been treated rudely or excluded.
  • Receives an email that feels insulting and isn’t sure how to respond.
  • Feels micromanaged or, conversely, cannot get a manager’s attention on an issue.
  • Feels an interaction with a coworker was “off” or something didn’t feel “quite right.” 
  • Is thinking about a formal complaint but wants to know other options first.
  • Is experiencing high levels of stress from a workplace conflict.
  • Is unclear about their role.
  • Is concerned about workplace gossip or bullying.
  • Is concerned about harassment and/or discrimination, whether they be the complainant, bystander, manager, or accused party.
  • Feels a manager doesn’t understand the employee’s job responsibilities or workload. 
  • Feels there has been a breach in trust.
  • Wants to clarify performance standards.
  • Wants help understanding the performance evaluation process or improving performance.
  • Wants assistance interpreting or providing constructive feedback.
  • Wants to improve communication with a colleague.
  • Wants to practice approaches for initiating difficult conversations or facilitating tense team meetings.
  • Wants advice on any other workplace situation . . .

Please call 510-642-7823 to learn more about services or to schedule an appointment.  This call is confidential. Please note the Staff Ombuds Office does not accept email as it is not a confidential form of communication.