Individual Assistance

The Staff Ombuds Office provides a safe, inclusive, and confidential  space to help employees* constructively navigate workplace problems.  We help discover problem-solving solutions by:  

  • Listening to your perspective
  • Clarifying areas of concern
  • Identifying underlying interests and exploring different perspectives
  • Providing conflict and communication coaching
  • Exploring informal and formal conflict resolution options
  • Connecting you with appropriate university policies and procedures
  • Providing referrals to additional resources to help you address your concerns 

Please be mindful that Ombuds do not:

  • Serve as an advocate
  • Compel participation with the office
  • Participate in formal processes
  • Keep identifying records
  • Draw formal conclusions
  • Give legal advice

*Staff Ombuds services are available to all staff, non-senate academics, and faculty who have staff management functions or who have concerns about staff.