Individual Assistance

The Staff Ombuds Office is available to all Staff, Non-Senate academics, and Faculty who perform management functions (including deans, departmental chairs, and directors). We are receptive, respectful, and welcoming to everyone accessing our services.  

The Staff Ombuds Office provides confidential conflict coaching and problem solving services. For each individual using our services we are committed to:

  • Listening to you, answering questions, and providing information and referrals to help you resolve your concern most effectively.
  • Offering you an impartial perspective that can help you better understand and clarify your work-related situation.
  • Providing an assessment of your situation and a sense of your options.
  • Improving your communication skills to help you prevent and manage conflict more effectively.
  • Creating with you problem-solving strategies to best resolve your concerns informally.
  • Keeping everything that you tell us strictly¬†confidential.
  • Not keeping any identifying information or records about you or your concern.