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For more information or to make an initial appointment, please call us at (510) 642-7823 (2-STAF); 711 CA Relay. In order to assure CONFIDENTIALITY, we ask that you contact us by phone only, and not by e-mail, regular mail, or fax. 

The Staff Ombuds Office is located in Fox Cottage, at 2350 Bowditch Street, Berkeley, California. We are here Monday through Friday, and can see you outside your regular working hours, if needed. To protect the CONFIDENTIALITY of all visitors, please call first instead of dropping by the office.  

The Staff Ombuds Office is wheelchair accessible.  Language translation services including ASL are available to support staff in using the Staff Ombuds Office.   

In order to ensure a comfortable space for all visitors, we kindly ask all to avoid wearing scented, personal products. 

The Staff Ombuds Office also provides on-site informational presentations to increase awareness about our role and services.  Please contact us to schedule an outreach presentation for your department or control unit.   

Please download this flyer to post in your workplace: Staff Ombuds Flyer in English, Staff Ombuds Flyer in Spanish, Staff Ombuds Flyer in Chinese.  

Fox Cottage

Fox Cottage