Ombuds Myths

Ombuds CAN...

  • Analyze workplace conflict and explore other perspectives
  • Coach for effective communication to improve working relationships, increase equity and inclusion, and/or to remove barriers that stand in the way of reaching your full potential. 
  • Help explore and weigh your options
  • Refer you to applicable policies, procedures, and resources.
  • Mediate (facilitate confidential conversations) where  employees share understanding and arrive at mutually agreeable solutions.
  • Alert management or other campus resources to a concern.
  • Be an ally to advocate for social justice, fair process and recommendations for systemic change.

Ombuds CANNOT...

  • Serve as a fact finder.

  • Advocate for individual results.

  • Direct you to take a particular action.

  • Determine whether there is a policy violation.

  • Force employees to mediate or take sides to ensure one employee gets what they want.

  • Hold employees accountable.

  • Make management adopt recommendations for systemic change.