Self-Help Tools

This section is intended to provide self-help tools and information that staff can use on their own or recommend to others who are looking for ways to handle problematic situations or workplace conflicts. Please click on one of the topic headings for more information.


California Equal Pay Act

California Pay Transparency and Applicant Salary Inquiry Restrictions

Money Talks:  How to Effectively Negotiate at Berkeley

How to Negotiate Salary:  Learn the Best Techniques to Help You Manage the Most Difficult Salary Negotiations and What You Need to Know When Asking for a Raise (Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School)

5 Strategies for Salary Negotiation as a Woman of Color

Are you biased? I am (TEDxBasel)

Salary Approval Matrix

Equity Process Map

Reclassification Request Process

Compensation Compliance (including stipend guidelines)


What is Bullying?

What Can I Do About Bullying?

Speak Up - Tell Your Story Effectively.pdf

How to Bust the Office Bully.pdf

UCOP Webinar on Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying Prevention Policy

UC Systemwide Abusive Conduct in the Workplace Policy  

Addressing Abusive Conduct in the Workplace Website

Reporting Portal for Abusive Conduct in the Workplace Policy

Faculty Bullying Guidelines


Rules of Considerate Conduct.pdf

Responding to Rudeness.pdf

Preparation Check List.pdf

Quick Scripts.pdf

Sample Group Communication Guidelines.pdf


Bridging Differences Playbook- Greater Good Science Center

How to Plan for a Crucial Conversation.pdf


Civil and Uncivil Uses of Email.pdf

Stop! Before Sending Ask These Questions.pdf


Earnest Apologies.pdf


Mediation Preparation Sheet

Mediation Process

What is Mediation Staff Ombuds Office.mp4

Watch this video to learn more about mediation at the Staff Ombuds Office.