Campus Offices and Services

Academic Personnel Office

The Academic Personnel Office provides comprehensive information and materials related to academic personnel needs at UC Berkeley.  642-5626

Audit & Advisory Services

Audit and Advisory Services is responsible for independent appraisal activity within the University for the review of accounting, financial and operating systems as a service to management.   642-8292

Central Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources has comprehensive information and materials about Human Resources at UC Berkeley.  642-7053

  • Compensation establishes salary rates comparable to the market and assist campus managers with salary decisions that help recruit, retain, and motivate highly qualified employees.   642-7053, option 5
  • Discrimination Complaint Resolution Coordinator (DCRC) conducts neutral, fair, appropriate, and objective fact-finding investigations that assist the UC Berkeley campus in ensuring a good faith and reasonable means of informally resolving complaints alleging discrimination, on a protected basis, at the earliest stage.  642-7053
  • Staff Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Compliance  creates and maintains the campuses affirmative action plan. The unit gathers and analyzes workforce and personnel transaction data, sets affirmative action goals, and monitors affirmative action and diversity efforts.   642-5002
  • Talent Acquisition & Employment Services provides services to the campus on a full range of employment issues, including recruitment, hiring, and outplacement support.   642-7053, option 2

Campus Shared Services - Human Resources 

  • The Human Resources Center (HRC) has merged with Campus Shared Services to provide support for staff in the Office of the Chancellor, the units of the Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance, the Office of the Chief Information Officer, and Information Services & Technology (IST), with many other campus units set to migrate through 2014.

Office of Ethics, Risk and Compliance Services

  • Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination (OPHD) is responsible for ensuring the University provides an environment for faculty, staff and students that is free from discrimination and harassment on the basis of categories including race, color national origin, gender, age and sexual orientation/identity.  643-7985
  • Enterprise Risk Services works with campus units to identify, assess, and communicate to management the campuswide (or “enterprise”) strategic, compliance, financial, and operational risks that make up UC Berkeley’s risk portfolio.   642-5141
  • UC Whistleblower: If you suspect that a UC employee is engaged in improper governmental activities, you should know that UC has policies that can show you how to "blow the whistle" and protect you from retaliation, if the need arises.  University-wide whistleblower hotline:   (800) 403-4744 or

Other Ombuds Offices

  • Ombuds Office for Students & Postdoctoral Appointees provides an informal dispute resolution process in which the Ombudsperson advocates for fairness, justice, respect for differences, and reasonable solutions to student and postdoctoral issues and concerns.   642-5754

University Health Services (UHS)

  • Employee Assistance (Previously known as CARE Services) is the campus faculty and staff employee assistance program providing free, confidential problem assessment and referral for UC Berkeley faculty and staff.   643-7754
  • Disability Management Services (DMS) administers the Workers' Compensation program and facilitates return-to-work initiatives and reasonable accommodation for employees who have, or who may develop health problems (work-related or non work-related) affecting employment.   643-7921