Mediation Video: Building Community One Conversation at a Time

June 27, 2022

Curious about a service that helps employees engage in conflict that creates belonging?

Mediation is one of the services the Staff Ombuds Office offers that helps foster inclusion and advance collaboration with one another.

Watch this video to learn about:

●      The Mediation Process

●      The Role of the Ombuds Mediator

●      Your Role in the Process

●      What Mediation Is and What It Isn’t

Mediation might be right for you if:

●      You are looking for a brave space to sort out a difficult situation with a co-worker or supervisor while building a stronger relationship through the process;

●      You want to stay in control of your own situation and are looking for creative solutions that work for everyone;

●      You could use the support of a trained, impartial third party to navigate through the conversation;

●      Someone else feels more comfortable talking with you about workplace concern in a confidential and informal environment.

To ask question or to schedule a confidential appointment call (510) 642-7823

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Click on the image below to watch a video explaining mediation.

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