Visitor Feedback

"I have never felt more culturally affirmed than when talking to the Staff Ombuds Office. While I struggle to feel like I belong at UC Berkeley the Staff Ombuds Office helped me feel empowered to have conversaitons with senior leaders across UC Berkeley and within my own team. I am grateful to have the Staff Ombuds Office team and thought partners that help empwer me as a Latina, as a woman and as a first generation professional in higher education a place where I often feel as though I don't belong."

"I am telling everyone I know to use the ombudsman services, especially around racism and bias in the office. There is so much."

"[The] Ombuds office became an invaluable workplace resource for me. I am learning so much each time we communicate. When I hear a colleague struggles at work I always share my experience with the ombuds office and encourage them to give them a call. I believe it is an incredible resource that improves our collectivity and work life immensely."

"I always feel so much more empowered and confident after speaking with your team - thank you."

"[The Ombudsperson] helped me sort through options I wouldn't have thought of or considered and was so supportive and empathetic throughout. I am so grateful and I will recommend the ombuds office to others who may be struggling with a work situation."

"[The Ombudsperson] made me comfortable as a person of color. I could let me ethnic-ness be there with no judgment [or] code-switching."